About Us

Touché Beauty celebrates a thirty-five year legacy with the development of artfully chic high impact German formulations that deliver beautiful skin. We believe that by championing self care and overall good skin health through our professional partners, we in turn inspire inner beauty, personal strength and confidence.  Our packaging, our formulas are clearly works of art.  Our commitment to our clients is to treat each interaction, service and education as an opportunity to make a difference.

Touché Esthétique

Mission Statement

At Touché Beauty our mission is to provide German formulated skin care products and advanced esthetic techniques developed by estheticians for estheticians. We utilize top cosmetic scientists and the latest technologies to empower a graceful resistance to aging in the pursuit of beautiful skin. With every step we give back to the community that surrounds us and infuse everything we do with empowering messages and tools.


35 Years of Experience

We draw upon 35 years of experience in the skin care business with a long family tradition of proven results that gives our clients the trust and confidence that is associated with our commitment to the wellness industry.

By Estheticians for Estheticians

We are a premium line of skin care products developed with the latest performance technologies. We understand the daily skin care needs of the consumer as well as the professional skin care business.

Addendum Line

Touché is developed as an addendum line that easily feathers into any responsible skin care regimen. These powerful, yet non-toxic serums have the ability to produce profound results according to specific needs, thus addressing immediate skin problems as well as offering preventive programs.

Potent Skin Care Resolutions

We provide intensive, proven ingredient ratios (active percentages based on third party studies) for maximum results using the newest technologies available to provide potent skin care resolutions.

Spa Partner Program/Legacy of Education

We have a legacy of impactful education in the wellness and esthetic industry, ensuring that our clients receive the highest and best knowledge base possible. Our state of the art treatment menu produces profound results and customer loyalty.


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Barbara Schumann,


Founder and formulator of Touché Intensive Serums


With over 25 years of experience in the wellness industry the Germany raised daughter of skin care pioneering family has dedicated herself to improving the practices of aestheticians, doctors and individuals. She is a skin care expert and globally renowned educator. Working closely with chemist and practitioners she had developed a strong philosophy regarding topical skin care and its bio-availability to the skin.  Bringing her years of experience to bare Barbara is proud to launch Touché, a seven piece collection of high-potency serums that merge the best of science and nature upholding the family tradition of potent, high-grade, fast acting products.



DeeAnn Lensen


President, CEO Touché Esthetiqué


President, Advanced Spa Technologies


DeeAnn Lensen is a European-trained, advanced esthetic educator, spa consultant, and certified life coach. She served eight years as a board member of Leading Spas of Canada.

DeeAnn pioneered the incorporation of empowerment into training for therapists and spa treatments to fully address the 'whole person.' Her 18 years in the spa industry are enhanced by a strong retail background in the USA. DeeAnn's vast knowledge of the esthetic, wellness and empowerment industries, coupled with her powerful business acumen, gives her a unique ability to meaningfully communicate with CFOs, GMs, spa directors, therapists and clients of any property. DeeAnn has successfully consulted spa properties from their inception to completion, including the Grotto Spa at Tigh-na-mara. She is a sought-after educator and keynote, and has successfully educated may 5-star properties across North America. Product launches:  DeeAnn was responsible for the launch of Dermalogica, Kerstin Florian, Wilma Schumann, Primavera, and Touché into Canada.



Ed Turner


Vice President, CFO Touché Esthetiqué



Ed Turner began his 35 year string of successes as a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Mathematics .  Focusing in the areas of business software, shipping and inventory control, and computer programming ultimately gained him key IT responsibilities for the state of Texas.   

Intuitively understanding the personal and business benefits to personal empowerment lead Ed on his journey into Life Coaching mentored by DeeAnn Lensen, enhancing his already savvy leadership skills.  He now coaches others in areas of spiritual, personal and business success.


A loving and devoted husband and father, Ed is a long time resident of Austin, Texas where he enjoys family life with his wife of 44 years, three children and three grandchildren. 

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Sales and Business Development
Touché Esthétique - distributor for Touché Beauty Serums


President and Founder
Chrysalis Clear - the art and science of transformation, Life Coaching for personal and business success


Ms. Saftler's extensive worldwide experience as an International Educator, Director of Training and Education, Director of Sales and Education with such premier skin care lines as Kerstin Florian International, Astara Skin Care and Touché Esthétique served to enhance the unique and intriguing face and body treatments and spa menus she created for many of the world's leading 4- and 5-star resort, destination and top day spas such as Fairmont's Willow Stream, Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons.  Fun, focused and result driven, Colleen ties in empowerment principles with her retail sales training programs to ensure those creative spa menus deliver results. Custom marketing programs further help her clients build their spa business.  "When expertise is empowered by passion, you can't lose!"