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Welcome to Touché Esthétique LLC

Touché serums create powerful, nontoxic skin care. We celebrate a thirty-five year legacy with the development of artfully chic high impact German formulated serums that deliver beautiful skin. We believe that by championing self-care, anti-aging and overall good skin health through our professional spa and medi-spa partners, we in turn empower inner beauty, personal strength and confidence. Our packaging, our formulas are clearly works of art. Our commitment to our spa skin care clients is to treat each interaction, service and education as an opportunity to make a difference.


  • Brooke Zarconi
    Motivating, and inspiring DeeAnn Lensen is very kind and passionate. We learned a different perspective on how to approach a guest in the motivational presentation of the training. Operations Manager, Marilyn Monroe Spas, ..
  • Giavanna Brooks
    My favorite part of the Touche training with DeeAnn Lensen was how we learned to connect personally with the product rather then just trying to sell a Serum. It gave a nice touch to helping clients find a solution to skincare needs. Spa Supervisor, Marilyn Monroe Spas..
  • Lacey Matsumoto
    DeeAnn Lensen is such an inspirational leader. Her passion for Touche and innovative approach to training motivated and inspired my entire team. Touche is the perfect fit to feather into our existing facial line and our guests are loving the Touche product line! Lacey Matsumoto, Gen Mgr, Kamaha'o Marilyn Monroe Spas ..
  • Ember Stark Oconer
    The Quality of the Touche products far exceeded our expectations and having an advocate such as DeeAnn backing this product only gives us more confidence as a spa team that carrying the Touche products will be success. Touche products have been great compliment to our makeup department, we use them as a treatment prior to make up applications and the guests are loving the results and buying the product. Corporate Trainer, Marilyn Monroe Spas..
  • Stephanie Baxter
    The Touche Training with DeeAnn Lensen was both engaging and informative, the staff thoroughly enjoyed DeeAnns unique and refreshing approach. We sold 17 products in 12 days! Stephanie Baxter Regional General Manager Marilyn Monroe Spas..